The Anti-Fascist Toolkit


MPT knows me.

White supremacists’ hate rhetoric and their symbols are my target.  NOT ON MY CAMPUS. Hate Speech Clean-up Crew Report: No clean sweep. Day 2: 1 sticker. Status: Removed. Location: Graduate student housing facing the children’s playground.

What does my Fascism Clean-up Kit include so far? Well, I tell you what, my favorite product right now is this 14-in-1 tool I found (opens in new window). Add in a microfiber or fine-fiber cloth, vinegar & water squirt bottle, plastic scraper, lens wipes, trash bags, gloves (durable, since reports are that some Nazis tape razors behind their propaganda posters to cut people who try to take them down). Also, a cell phone/camera to keep evidence. Good walking shoes. Water bottle. Tissues for when it gets to you and you have to cry a little before you keep going. (I haven’t yet put together a better home-made goo/sticky remover)


-Dr. Pyrate

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