Professional Dullard: UK v USA


This pointed me to the news since it prompts me to think “which nitwit is on the side of the science-denying fascists, today?” See, I don’t think titles mean a damn thing. I only believe in how people carry themselves and behave within the moment. Some people are princes/princesses (or a non-gendered kind of royalty) a lot of the time.

This is what I found a la the Washington Post (opens in new window) about how 45’s obvious lack of connection to reality is being taken with regard to science.

My definition of lady/gentleman (or some other gender-identifying person) = someone who can make other people feel comfortable. Professional = lady/gentleman (or some other gender-identifying person) who can get a task done intended to promote general welfare beyond expectation. Now, seeing as how we have Nazi-apologist running this country (article from the Chicago Tribune opens in a new window), he’s neither a gentleman NOR a professional, but I also can’t attach this MPT to that 45 thing as an unknown. So, I went digging deeper.

ENTER THE UK! Since we’re pretty much oblivious in America over what’s happening globally – at least now we have a reason since we’re fighting for our lives – anyway, check out the actual organization made of lying liars who lie (opens in a new window) and some dude named Lord Lawson’s (Don’t you just want to say that with an English accent?) promoting false claims regarding global temps.

Why are we paying these people? Why are we paying them with our very blood? They’re not making anyone else feel comfortable in their presence, and they’re doing damage to tasks that promote general welfare.

-Dr. Pyrate


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