Quote the Raven Nevermore


If you haven’t read it in a while (or at all), here’s the source of the post’s title: “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe (opens in new window)

Oh, geez. What’s the extent of the effect on the already poor and struggling care of the GOPhers and 45?

Here’s what you ought to know about Ravens in Native American mythology: a Raven “comes cawing loudly into your life, it marks a moment to pause and give serious consideration to the messages coming your way. Black as midnight, it’s not surprising to discover that, in many cultures, Raven symbolism and meaning is connected with death and the underworld.” Source: What is My Spirit Animal?  (opens in a new window). Other sources claim that the Raven is a symbol of metamorphosis and attach the animal to healing. The Greeks held to Ravens as messengers and prophets. But, let’s be real here- from the source poem I see here, the mourning of the death of Lenore?

So, what have we got going on across the frontier? We have to look nationally, and I’m thinking this actually has more to do with individual states’ Reps (Congressman Michael Burgess, I’m looking DIRECTLY at you for proposing the state’s rights bill to opt out of providing care by federal standards. Be disgusted by the fact that he used to be an Ob/Gyn. We plan on making this “HisLastTerm)

Actually, if we haven’t been keeping an eye on our locals (I mean, come ON you only have 3 to watch carefully); otherwise,  there will be no room for complaining on the deathbed because you can’t afford the treatment.

-Dr. Pyrate



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