Literally Killing Us


Oh dear. What does this portend for today through Friday? I went news-hunting and couldn’t locate  a reliable source of anything pending between now and then. At least on a national level. I’m going to go back and look locally, say at the state level, but this is a tarot blog, so it may not have happened, yet.

What’s truly grim about this MPT is the obvious link between a Nazi death-device and out current tyrannical regime. With all of the fights around health care, I just can’t ignore this. The real target on so many lives does make a killing device all literal. We are being gas-lighted a lot, too. As for literal gas, all we have to do is look to the pipeline spills, and the fact that the regime’s allowance to the businesses was based on politics and money-making.  So, I’ll be keeping an eye out for any news between now and Friday about those issues, too.

Even more worrisome is that the wording considers what’s coming a “lost frontier.” I can’t believe that. My heart won’t, apparently.

Look at that wording: Polar regime. We live in an (unnecessarily) bipartisan system. [One-person one- vote, after all, permits an intersection of a lot of views, instead of any kind of strict grouping of so many issues into a binary. I digress…] But this is looking more like the schism between members of the same party. Some GOPhers who may have a particle of humanity.

So, keep calling. Keep writing. Fight the ugly.

-Dr. Pyrate


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