Pop Goes the Weasel


My unpopular opinion has risen to the surface in this reading.

The entire world loathes us. Except Russia. Strangely, I’m ok with the United States being kicked out of the top spot. Unpopular opinion? I’m sure, but we’ve been unworthy for a while. The proof is in the 45. I’m still reeling over how the orange thing got there.

Now, let’s fix things on the inside. Stop letting 45 distract us from the further dismantling of freedom from within.  Stopping involves doing something, by the way. Need help? Here’s an idea: Find a local Indivisible group (opens in a new window). They’re usually realistic about their tasks relative to your comfort level.

Now, go! Pop up and scare the hell out of the fascist regime!

-Dr. Pyrate


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