Guest, What?


Ok. So we’re unpacking a simile today.

Am I becoming disheartened by doing daily MPT? I don’t think so. I’m still having a lot of fun, and I miss it over the weekends or when I’m out of the office.

So…maybe, instead of my interest waning, it could be lack of traction with readers. That makes more sense. Except, I don’t really do this for a reader. It’s a blog. It’s mostly for me as a public journal. It’s like my “#years ago today” that FB does. As a touchstone to reality, it could also alienate me from prospective opportunities. Again, where my integrity is at stake, I have no desire to be a part of a culture that can’t handle my honesty.

The MPT starts conversations with others. That is very much a bonus! I also invite others to send me their own MPT. I’d love to put some guest posts in here.

-Dr. Pyrate



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