Misdirection via Come on, Comey


Do you know what happened yesterday while they misdirected us with the Come on, Comey affair (CNN politics, opens in new window)? The GOP screwed us again. They attacked the Dodd-Frank regulations (via ABC news, opens in a new window) on banking! These are regulations that protect consumers against abuse from banks and lending institutions. If you buy anything using credit, if you buy cars, take out student loans, have a mortgage, then this affects you.

SCREAM NOW. They don’t care if another Depression hits. It is another way to murder the poor and minorities. I’m quite serious about this. Economic war = literal starvation + more.

Do you remember the economic crisis of 2008? If not, may I suggest watching this AMAZING movie: The Big Short (IMDB summary, Huffington Post overview, Vulture inside look, all open in new windows). It’s easy to understand and nonfiction with some Hollywood embellishments to help understanding.

By the way, are we still paying protesters? I have yet to receive my paycheck.

-Dr. Pyrate


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