Take a Leak, 45


So, The Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] is a top target of the current regime. (Check this Washington Post article, opens in a new window.) And why not? It’s not like 45 pays attention to or studies up on world affairs, like NATO.

The pipeline disasters that the Standing Rock devastation was worried about have already happened. 176,000 gallons of oil leaked from the pipeline 150 miles from that protest. It began on December 16, 2016. Now, as of May 26, they estimate of damage has jumped. (I put in the Christian Science Monitor for all the fundamentalists who want to deny climate change, etc. Opens in a new window).

This is the only earth we have. I don’t believe having babies is a miracle, but I do believe in giving them a chance to make something of their lives when they’re here. Way to give one for the team, “adults.”

-Dr. Pyrate


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