Never Happened


I have 7 Magnetic Poetry sets feeding my daily tarot pulls.

Last night, I explained to my husband how my current novel pits the specifics of history against the fairy tales that evolved out of it. Yes, it’s still a fantasy novel. Anyway, I was so excited as I was working with the fairy tale “The Girl without Hands”, who ends up with silver hands after her father cuts them off to appease the devil. My reinterpretation put the girl in contact with a cannibalizing serial killer, who smashes her ring finger with a hammer. She then purposely sticks her hands  in a vat of crackling and scalding cooking oil to save his victims, and, since we’re talking fantasy here, her abilities with alchemy transmute it into molten silver.  So…I was gleeful about horribly mangling the savior-witch’s hands.

-Dr. Pyrate

P.S. I’m a writer. Don’t judge me by my search history.


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