Keep In”terror”gating, Keep Investigating


Now is that flower-ring water, or am I supposed to consider that one word and remove the extra “r” for “flowering” water?

Something has got to come out soon that has the Regime cowering under the water (or in the bushes, Spicey). However, water is a conduit for lightning except when it’s pure H2O. I think the qualifier that this isn’t uncontaminated is in the adjectives.

Remember, we KEEP striking them hard. They killed the emotional and mental well-being of more than half of the US population with the new health-don’t-care bill. Seriously, this was posted not twenty hours ago from CNN (opens in a new window) at the time of writing this. Strike hard. Strike deadly. And then don’t allow your taxes to be used to treat the third-degree burns that come from our interrogation techniques! This is NOT acceptable or normal.

-Dr. Pyrate



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