Health Don’t-Care


How many people – how many – did the REPUBLICANS just condemn to death? Being born a woman is a pre-existing condition, and that’s 51% of the country. Then sweep outward from there.

Let’s make Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell SO scared and SO angry that they not only storm off but the lightning comes down from the sky and slaughters them. Actually, I believe that an evil person’s own version of hell (i.e. their mind’s own concoction of the worst possible fate) should be their own condemnation. Now, as for where I live, I must also condemn to his own personal version of hell, Michael C. Burgess.

Whether you think that would be poetic justice or an act of God is your preference. I, personally, don’t believe in universal justice. I believe in social justice – and I believe that we ALL must mobilize.

If you have no clue to what I’m referring, here’s some information from CNBC  (opens in a new window) that includes a map of states and how they match up to the new bill that has already passed the House of Representatives!

-Dr. Pyrate


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