Boy Scouts


I don’t listen to business radio, actually. Or call-in shows. They drive me a little batty, but with all of the lack of journalistic integrity anymore, I’m wondering if this has one of two possible readings:

  1. It’s going to take the avalanche of the snowflakes to kick these people in their asses to pursue the real stories and help put the pressure on in ways that actually save the ice caps from melting. So, perhaps this also has a message about the movement to protect the environment, (e.g. Standing Rock, Science March, etc.)
  2. The imposed silencing of the fascist regime who are limiting reporting.

One is definitely more hopeful than the other. I’m preparing for the worst. Ya know, the scouts’ motto of “Always Be Prepared.” Those boys are playing with our lives, and trying to freeze us to death.

-Dr. Pyrate


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