Death match: Loch Ness Monster v Aliens


Why do aliens have to be green?

So, if this alien is flying around in a UFO while Nessie is trapped under some wintry ice over in Scotland, apparently the alien wins.

My interpretation of this one isn’t nearly as much fun as this image!

But, anyway: I know I’m likely blowing things out of proportion, but no coworker should tell me that working ahead is a waste of time if expectations will obviously change. It may require revision, yes, but when so much really is pretty solid, who wouldn’t plan ahead? Not to mention, it was a fact that it was going to happen at some point and they drop these on us without warning with the expectation of an unrealistic turnaround. More than that, if you’re preggo and know you won’t be the one “delivering” the training, then get the fuck out of my way.

Suffice it to say, the email went out – and not even to any of us who are responsible for training – and because I was working ahead, I can, within half a day, deliver this training alone by the pre-approved script. (We won’t talk about the ludicrousness of having a verbatim script for live trainings. -=insert DERP sound here=-) Not only that, I have an interactive and a passive version.

So, freeze, Nessie. Freeze

-Dr. Pyrate


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