This is what is known as being “called out” on passive-aggressive behavior.

I tend to wait for precisely the right moment to attack with a sting for something that has pissed me off, and yes, the venom happens to be waiting in the form of a question.

On a completely unrelated note, I added a new deck of MP last week, and I expect another this week. The Office (work-oriented) words now contribute to the possible sentences I could come up with – I will tell you, however, that I was a little disturbed by the fact, and I’m not kidding about this, that a co-worker who was helping me break them apart, found the words, “sex butt monkey.” We all have to take that sexual harassment training. Another coworker jokes, “Is that so we know how to do it right?” Chew on that for a while.

More irony? Today’s post nails my Scorpio sign, but I passed that collection up.

-Dr. Pyrate


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