Wow. This one is definitely a set of orders. There are 3 sentences here.

I would have stopped with “shine on,” except “blow on” kind of fell out,” and then “strange” was right there. The fact that the last imperative melded together what I thought was going to be a past-tense of the verb with the “ed” and changed it into a noun with the appearance of the “e” snagged my attention, too.

So, I could be doing the unpopular thing, or something that very visibly marks me as odd. I’m in my fourth decade, and I have purple-pink-blue-teal-light green-lavender hair. Next week will be a complete color change, but just as wild.

If we break out of the societal molds, we are RESISTING. What is going on is not normal, and I purposely took that on by changing my hair, and saying “Fuck Fascism.” I’ve kept it shiny and vibrant for 6 weeks, even through blow-drying, etc. that usually fades color. (Amazing what a little bit of research can do.) I don’t really expect to stop fighting as long as the atrocities are happening. They ARE atrocities. Nothing has slowed down. So we can’t slow down, either. No silence. Be as visibly counter-“culture” as possible. Stop what’s growing in the New-Russian petri dish.

-Dr. Pyrate


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