Women Will Strike Nazis


IMG_20170309_154815972Uhg, damn if these aren’t deadly accurate. Our Women’s Day events were infiltrated by white supremacists, actual known fascists, yesterday. Of the imposters, 2 pretended to be trans women, there was a leader (who we identified later, and who I will not name to give the fucker any kind of credit) and they had a professional camera, with a juggernaut running it. They were not secret about filming people. They refused to tell people why they were filming and where it would go, giving different answers like making a documentary, putting it in a blog, etc. We made them uncomfortable by pressing for specifics.

At the end of the day, after their performative “reveal” and reconjoining with the amoeba-esque fascist organization, we discovered that they were very concertedly targeting specific people for certain affiliations. Their leader is the kind of person who sends out information about people for others to do the dirty work of harassment and, possibly, physical harm.

My “matey” is a librarian. To protect him and the “matey” who happened to be one of the targets, I filed a report. And I do so hope we can stay strong enough to put the Nazis into the ground again.

It’s ok to punch Nazis.

-Dr. Pyrate


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