Which Way the Wind Blows


Women are on Strike (opens in a new window) tomorrow as a part of International Women’s Day (opens in a new window). The forecast is for high winds, which makes the part I’m helping to run tricky at best.

Here’s what I see in what today has to tell me: We have 6 platforms for which we strike.

  • An End to Gender Violence
  • Reproductive Justice for All
  • Labor Rights
  • Full Social Provisioning
  • For an Anti-racist and Anti-imperialist Feminism
  • Environmental Justice for All

I believe the poles are the barriers to the patriarchy giving a damn. Women are the “who.” Participate in whatever way you can. Some suggestions:

  • Wear red
  • Strike
  • Protest
  • Organize

Ladies inclusive of women of color, trans women, working women, et al., your value is not based on what you can produce or who others want to label you as. Leave them without your body in their spaces, and show them they can’t exploit you.

-Dr. Pyrate


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