Flayed Alive or Put on Ice?


Wow. Within the first pulls, I found “flower crew.” Why is this important? Because on Saturday Representative Michael Burgess (“official” info about his mere existence in Congress, opens in new window) is having a town hall in FLOWERMOUND, TX (information about where and when, opens in a new window), which he tried to keep relatively secret from constituents by moving its date.

We already have a crew that is prepared to be there.

This so-called representative is known as a Congressman who is STRIPPING AWAY HEALTH CARE, ATTACKING VETERANS, REMOVING WOMEN’S AGENCY OVER THEIR BODIES, and more (his VOTING record as proof, placed on a non-partisan reporting site called votesmart.org, Opens in a new window). Methinks this is a warning that he will try to appease the crowd, but act as a hypocrite. Both orders in today’s message are a gruesome way to go, but hey – too bad that, by his own hand, he wouldn’t have the healthcare to come back from it. He’d just use taxpayer money.

-Dr. Pyrate



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