Millions of Peaches


People are rising up. By the millions. I’m wondering if my magnetic poetry tarot is taunting me because it doesn’t have an “I’m” (i.e. im-) to go in front of peach.

You see, the bodies are coming out and putting the Senators on the spot, and even Mitch-the-Pitch is worried and might be “Russian” to save himself (source: The Hill, opens in a New Window).  Personally, I like the CNBC article better. (hey, gotta get many perspectives to dig out the truth from the lies. Opens in new window)

We ought to know that the malignant narcissist has been putting himself into self-congratulatory pep-rallies instead of doing his job. (Source: CNN, opens in new window) Trying to find ways not to question the worship.

See, I’d admit that a lot of these drawings could be me reading politics due to over-sensitivity. But isn’t that what tarot (even in light-heartedness) does? Insight into the fears and hopes of its participant?

I started this blog as a fun mash-up to show students that bringing very different genres and things together can work. I think I succeeded.

-Dr. Pyrate



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