Oxidizing Shadows


Trying to figure out the link between “bare” and “empty.”

Could be I’m trying to stir up trouble among those who are whipping around in nothingness – the eye of the hurricane. Especially if the people are the shadows, I’m not being very kind. That’s true. Only when they choose ignorance in the volumes of Spicer’s “your words!’ and CONway’s “alternative facts” (a.k.a. LIES – call them what they are), get sick in the center of it, and don’t do anything to get themselves out.

But wait – what if this is also about the media. Those people who aren’t just calling Nazis Nazis, or lies lies. They’re spinning the empty volumes, too. That’s called aiding and abetting the criminals, you know.

Oxidizing shadow humans. Kind of love that metaphor.

-Dr. Pyrate

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