Waking up Russian

img_20170113_110638428ENOUGH! As a matter of fact I have been echoing this:

Two main US news streams were hacked yesterday to highlight Russia. A CONGRESSIONAL HEARING on C-SPAN was interrupted to go to Russia Today. The first source I offer is USA Today. (opens in a new window) How about the one from NBC? (opens in new window)

The second, though from the Palmer Report (opens in a new window), has the clip of what happened on MSNBC. It is an instance that people have commented on being first-hand witness to.

It’s time to wake up. This is NOT a coincidence.

Inauguration is coming. Turn on your TV for a morning report, and you may find yourself waking up Russian.

I will continue to repeat through their bluster trying to keep you distracted from the fact that a war on America is in each of these malicious punches.

-Dr. Pyrate

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